Armos is simple and convenient way to book cleaning services in Sydney. We are not a marketplace; our energetic and qualified team of cleaners will do the hard work. You just need go to our website and book your service online in less than 5 minutes. If you prefer a traditional way, just give us a call to 0426 641 013.

We will send you a confirmation email with your booking details and date of clean. Additionally if it’s your first time our customer service team will give you a call to confirm your booking and you can give some extra instructions. Just tell us how you like it, and we’ll do it.

We are all about your satisfaction and happiness. We are working hard to make every point of contact with us a seamless experience.

That’s why we have a guarantee promise. If you’re not happy, we can fix the problem ASAP. Please call the Armos Emergency Line 0426 641 013 or Send us an email to with your feedback.

We will discuss your concerns and aim to send them back within 24 hours of your clean.

We are working to cover all Sydney area. However, we have a limited coverage at the moment. To check if we can visit your home, just enter your postcode on our booking section.