Quality Assurance

At ARMOS we believe in long lasting partnerships whereby open communication, operational transparency is vital and the key for success of both parties. We take pride in the fact that we self – perform all of our services and build our team with trusted members, strong work ethics and an acute attention to detail. Our team are trained in best method practices, including the use of products / equipment handling as well as trouble shooting techniques.

We deploy a quality assurance program to all our clients to ensure that client expectations are met, as we understand that service breakdowns may occur and while we always try to stay on the front foot, we are have also adapted our 4 ‘R’s approach which assists us on delivering our service promise.

Additional Measures are embedded in our processes to maintain our high-quality standards including:

24/7 Hotline:

we understand that there may be requirements outside ‘normal office hours’ therefore we welcome calls from our clients round the clock.

Quality Auditing:

Utilising online auditing software, which is customized against site requirements and scope and performed monthly. Formal reporting provided to site management for review.


We believe that our team are our greatest asset, so we invest heavily in all our staff to help them grow and develop. Our training induction begins on the commencement of their employment, covering Safety and Security procedures, first aid, site specific training and task focused training which is then supported by annual refresher training for all team members.

Our training also covers the use of equipment and product that we use. The understanding and knowledge provided in this training, means that we can not only make your space clean and tidy, but truly hygienic and healthy.

Safety Systems

Armos promotes effective, efficient and workplaces. Our comprehensive and rigorous systems cover:
WH&S, risk management, audits and inspections, quality assurance, social responsibility sustainability and more.

Workplace Health & Safety

ARMOS understands the importance or WHS in the workplace, therefore invested in a modular, cloud-based compliance management system to simply and effectively comply with our WHS obligations. This system has 170 full integrate modules, which are specifically designed to automatically address all WHS needs and generates a OH&S management plan.

The online system includes some of the following modules:

Hazard Register

Enables to recording and tracking information about site hazards; i.e. asbestos or noise control.

Audits & Inspections

The Audits and Inspections module enables us to record the outcomes of physical inspections, including assigning corrective actions to staff, through electronic forms.

Chemical Management

Automatically providing SDS’s based on chemicals used at site and requirements relating to the correct storage, use and changing of chemicals.

Team Management & Training

Which addresses all areas WHS complaints relating to team members, including management records, training records, online inductions, training needs analysis and tracking competencies and qualifications.

The system facilities the creation or board range of risk management documents, from the creation of site, task and chemical risk assessment all the way down to SWMS/ JSA. All the risk documentation can be review and electronically signed on smart devices.

Incident Management

Records and reports any type of incidents, from injuries, near misses, environmental incidents and property damage. It also allows for detailed assessment of incidents to enable the necessary corrective actions to be identified.

Asset Safety Management

The solution provides a simple-to-use tool to create customised assessment forms which identify hazards and prioritise risk whilst automatically updating the organisation’s risk registers.